Risk Management

Risk ManagementA core element of RFS’ engagement with a wide portfolio of consulting clients is putting our expertise and know-how at their disposal to help them to identify, quantify, and manage the risks present in the global forest products supply chain.  Adopting a risk management mindset is nowadays a daily reality for many companies operating in the Forestry sector worldwide.  The increasing complexity of markets and mounting pressure on all points of the supply chain from civil-society actors, require companies to demonstrate credentials as responsible operators with regard to both social and environmental performance.

On the upside, this scenario creates significant opportunities for companies that are able to show a high level of competence in navigating the challenges they face. RFS helps to identify the opportunities that are the flip-side of many of the risks presented; top-tier companies may be well-positioned to differentiate themselves from the competition, particularly in a tough operating environment.

RFS can assist clients with the following components of a Risk Management Strategy:

  • Desk-based analysis of supply-chain risk, and design of a Procurement Policy/Strategy;
  • Implementation and/or verification of supply chain control systems, incl. for vendors;
  • Implementation of Chain of Custody certification / Tracking & Traceability systems;
  • Field Audits (and Benchmarking) of Forestry Management practices, including to FSC® Standards;
  • Guide Forest Managers through the process of FM certification, to FSC® and/or PEFC™ Standards;
  • HCV Assessment, including evaluation of environmental and social values present / at risk;
  • Risk Assessment of all third-party suppliers, including use of FSC® Controlled Wood criteria;
  • Full legal compliance audit of supply chain – Legal Origin and Legal Compliance, as required;
  • Validation of suppliers’ status with regard to CARB requirements (Testing and TPC approval);
  • Social compliance auditing, including Health & Safety, and employee living /working conditions;
  • Stakeholder Consultation, including evaluation of Indigenous Peoples’ rights, and FPIC;
  • RFS’ proprietary Supply Chain Traceability Audit (SCTA) tool, to help demonstrate Due Care.