Consultation Processes

Certification process of Huntsville Pellets LLC (“HP”) – RFS announces Public Consultation on Supply Base Report for wood pellet mill in Huntsville, Texas, seeking certification under Sustainable Biomass Program standards

Huntsville Pellets (or ‘HP’) operates a pellet mill located in the town of Huntsville, in East Texas.  The company is committed to operating a high quality biomass processing facility, and to promoting the development of energy generation from renewable sources (namely industrial wood pellets).  To help ensure the sustainable management of the forested landbase from which raw material is sourced, HP is seeking Sustainable Biomass Program certification (see for details on the SBP standards).  The company has contracted with RFS to assist in the implementation of policies and procedures, as well as a management system for fiber procurement, that conform with SBP requirements.

The SBP requires that all interested parties have the opportunity to provide feedback or input on any new certification process undertaken under SBP standards.  RFS as well as HP management are keen to hear from any individual or entity that has an interest in the Huntsville mill, or the fiber basket in which it operates.*

Two key documents prepared by RFS on behalf of HP (as the “Biomass Producer”, or ‘BP’, in SBP terminology) are available at the links below, for free public access, and we look forward to receiving your comments.  The documents in question are:

The ‘Supply Base Report’ – the SBR is a summary of the approach taken by HP and RFS in evaluating the possible impact of fiber procurement for the Huntsville mill at the landscape level, and how any potential risks may be avoided or mitigated.

Annex I’ to the SBR – this document provides a point-by-point discussion of how some steps of the process have been approached, based on the specific indicators of the relevant SBP Standard.

The stakeholder consultation will be formally completed by Tuesday December 17th — although we remain open to comments, ongoing, as they arise.

The on-site main (initial) certification audit of the Huntsville mill is to be performed that same week (of December 16th), by an audit team working on behalf of SCS Global Services, the SBP-accredited Certification Body with whom HP has contracted for the audit (see:

Both HP and RFS thank you in advance for your comments!  Please contact us at the following address:

* East Texas – the list of 31 counties from which fiber may originate is included on the last page of the SBR document.