RFS Principals

Nick Moss Gillespie, MFC, RPF

Nick Moss GillespieNick is a Registered Professional Forester (RPF), combining a background in Sustainable Development with a passion for the practical implementation of Sustainable Forest Management.  His broad experience provides multi-disciplinary insight into generating solutions for challenges facing the Forestry sector in a globalized world.  Nick’s expertise includes the use of markets, through tools such as certification and carbon credits, to further both socio-economic and conservation objectives.  He has incorporated the strategic evaluation of environmental and social impacts into work on Forest Finance, as well as Due Diligence and Supply Chain auditing assignments.

Nick holds a Master of Forest Conservation (MFC) degree from the Faculty of Forestry, University of Toronto, and a First-Class Honours degree in Latin American Studies (Social and Political Science) from the University of Liverpool.  He is an accredited Lead Auditor (with global certifier SGS) for: ISO14001; FSC®/PEFC™ Forest Management & Chain of Custody; GHG Emissions Verification (14064-1/14064-3); Climate Change (Forest Carbon) projects (under CDM/VCS); and Legal Compliance (Forestry).  Nick is also a Lead Assessor of High Conservation Values (HCV) under the global ALS process, and similarly qualified under the Sustainable Biomass Partnership standards.

Nick’s professional experience encompasses Africa, Europe, and the Americas, as well as Indonesia.  He has steered the development of RFS’ Supply Chain Traceability Audit (SCTA) tool, leading full supply-chain audits in tropical producer countries on behalf of major clients, as well as complex supply chain audits of downstream manufacturing facilities in Europe and the Americas.  Nick is a native English speaker, fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, and competent in French and German.

Marcelo Levy, mes

Marcelo LevyMarcelo is a Forest Engineer born in Argentina with broad experience in forest management certification. He holds a Masters in Environmental Studies from York University and is an experienced forest management and chain of custody auditor. In 1996, Marcelo established the FSC National Initiative in Canada, and was its Coordinator and Director of the Standards Program until 2004. Marcelo led or participated in interdisciplinary teams evaluating large international programs, where he honed stakeholder consultation skills and applied his expertise in assessing High Conservation Values.

Marcelo is an accredited Lead Auditor, based on 10 years’ sub-contracted Auditing with global certifier SGS, for the following standards: ISO14001; Forest Management & Chain of Custody (FSC/PEFC); Legal Compliance (Forestry); Sustainable Biomass Partnership; and High Conservation Values Lead Assessor (Provisional).

Marcelo’s interest in forest policy prompted him to participate in Ontario’s Forest Management Planning process, the National Forest Strategy, and internationally in forest governance and timber trade regulations. Working with the governments of Ecuador and Colombia (sub-contracted by SGS), he led the assessment of forest regulations and enforcement mechanisms. Working for private clients, he conducted Supply Chain Traceability Audits in tropical countries. Marcelo is fluent in Spanish and English with a good understanding of Portuguese.